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All About Our Sweet Story

Whats Poppin Suga
& The Woman Behind It

Jocelyn I. Flores


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A Sweet Beginning

I am from Lawrence, a city located in Essex County Massachusetts known as the “Immigrant City”. As a former hub of textile manufacturing in the early twentieth century the City of Lawrence, Massachusetts became a diverse community of immigrants from all around the world seeking work and a chance at living a better life. I am of proud Latina of Puerto Rican decent. Growing up in Lawrence I took full advantage of the many opportunities the city had to offer including taking part in a wide variety of after-school programs. After graduating from Presentation of Mary Academy in Methuen, Massachusetts I chose to pursue an undergraduate degree at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.

As an undergraduate at Suffolk I juggled two jobs while also maintaining a full academic schedule. I worked as a cook and a server at a tea room, and at night I bartended throughout the Boston metro area at a number of nightclubs. It was through this work in the service industry that I realized my love for business management, and baking.  After many years of hard work in the service and entertainment industries I cultivated a number of truly inspirational mentorships with my employers as well as other industry leaders, which motivated me to create my very own selection of gourmet desserts, which ultimately led to the establishment of Whats Poppin Suga.

My experience in the service and entertainment industries have allowed me to developed an incredible passion for what I enjoy doing the most: bartending and working out of the kitchen! This combination has inspired me to create my very own collection of treats for you to share with friends and family during those sweet moments in your life.

Baked Fresh Daily From The Finest Ingredients

Whats Poppin Suga prides itself in using only the finest ingredients in our products.

From the flour, sugar and real butter we use to craft our cake pops, cupcakes and cookies to delightful fresh ingredients like fresh strawberries, orange and lime slices we use to flavor or decorate those treats, we work hard to ensure every sweet treat tastes absolutely delicious.

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